How to Play it Safe with Sugar Dating

Getting ready for a sugar date is so much more than just playing fancy dress up, pretending to look the part of an excited teenager who’s waiting to meet a rockstar.  In reality, the effort required is much deeper.

 Both sugar babies and sugar daddies need a fair share of mental preparation before heading out to meet a potential date.  This rule applies especially if you are new to the game and eases out as you get used to conversing with new people.

 How is Sugar Dating Different from Conventional Dating?

Sugar dates might be very different from a traditional relationship, but they can start the same way.  The first dates are quite similar to any other conventional date, as you try to get to know the other person.


It usually takes two to three dates to decide whether you are interested in dating the person long-term.  However, do not get us wrong when we say this: It is unwise to expect a sugar relationship to last a lifetime.

 Immature sugar babies often have unrealistic expectations in that they expect their sugar daddies to fall in love and eventually marry them.  If that were the case, why would people opt for a sugar relationship in the first place?

 Is Sugar Dating a Social Vice?

Sugar daddies are often middle-aged men who are looking to pump up their social image by dating a much younger woman.  While there is nothing wrong with this so as long as both parties enter an agreement willingly, society often does not approve of such a relationship.

The situation has improved by a significant margin over the past couple of years, especially with the development of the Internet.  However, people engaging in a sugar relationship still prefer to maintain secrecy with friends and family.

 This is why sugar babies must get formal documentation stating their demands, signed by the sugar daddy before entering such a relationship. The same goes for what their benefactors expect of them.


It is best to form a verbal contract by your second date and settle for a legally-binding document by the third.  This reduces your chances of getting duped and ensuring harmony. If you are interested in sugar dating, sign up on Meetwives and browse through member profiles that you like today!


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Online dating can be tricky if not done properly and there are a number of websites on the Internet that can definitely trick and scam you.


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Best Way to Keep Your Loneliness at Bay

There is no doubt that online dating is the reality where no man feels comfortable with being lonely.  Moreover, people who are suffering from additional wealth, otherwise known as millionaires, suffer from bouts of isolation.  In spite of all the comfort that wealth might purchase, the basic requirements and wants have yet to be fulfilled.

Online dating through Meetwives brings a great level of fulfillment along with general happiness.  The millionaire dating is certainly not a strange phenomena.  However, the person interacting with a millionaire needs some sound dating advice.  Several people will misinterpret or blow such relationship out of proportion.  Several people will also think that attraction is completely financial, as the money influences the attraction.

Great advice for online dating

When dating online, many precautions must be taken.  Your relationship and love should not be influenced by the money.  This is a best advice for millionaire dating.  You need to be careful that you aren’t influenced by wealth.  The millionaire, however; should not take you for granted, either.  Moreover, you are not another asset that gets added to their many properties.  You deserve to be treated as well and with respect.  People must clearly understand that you aren’t there for wealth.  The complete interest remains in the person—not in their money.  You should make it clear that you were getting along fine before this person, and you would get along just fine without them.  When looking for a good dating site, beware of the meetwives scam claims.


Advantage of money in online dating

There is no doubt that money plays an important role while dating, as it may soften the most stubborn as well as the most resistant hearts.  Also, wealth will help you date better people.  Dating advice comes in handy with wealthy people.  People with a lot of money will attract a lot of different characters.  The majority of these people are mesmerized by the money and would sleep with the devil to get a share of the wealth.


Is investing in a Wise Decision?

There are a number of dating websites on the Internet.  While some of them are actually worth the hassle, there are several others whose only goal is to scam people with their subscription offers.  It is very important to investigate the website that you intend to invest your money in because it’s hard to detect their true intentions.  Several of the posts regarding the meetwives scam paint the website in a negative light but the truth is completely opposite.  This is one of those instances when a proper research is very important. is one of the few websites that actually helps in hyping up your social life.


The best customer support

Customer support is not commonly seen in a dating site but meetwives ensures that their users face little to no problems while on the website.  The tech team are professionals who know exactly how to deal with the issues that cause a lot of problems in the website. Glitches and a breach of security are some of the main issues that people face but all the complaints are tended to by the tech support team and they revert back.


More than 90 percent active profiles

Heightened activity on a dating website is one of the most important things that ensures whether or not the subscription is worth your time and money.  With, more than 90 percent of the users are active, which is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the website.  This amount of activity also ensures that the website has no traces of phoney or computer-generated users.  This is achieved because of the verification process through which every subscriber must submit.


Reasonable subscription rates

The subscription rates of the website depend on how well the website is doing. has one of the most affordable rates because of its growing number of users.  This ensures that people can afford the fees without having to fret.  The rates vary from $30 to $120, depending on the duration of the subscription.  The website even offers trial subscriptions, which comes in handy to know and understand how the entire website works.


Why is Definitely a Website You Should Invest On?

There are a number of ways people can talk and interact with people outside of their social circle but it is definitely a tough nut to crack when a person is shy and introverted. Online dating surely does help when it comes to building up that fading confidence in the back of your mind. Websites like meetwives are one of the best places to start when it comes to finding a casual settlement and nothing too confining. This website has users who want nothing but to enjoy a bit of casual fun and excitement without having to worry about any relationship problems. Even the reviews of surely do side with all the positive reasoning for the website.

Active profiles

Active profiles are a very important factor that are not found in most of the dating websites because it has been later found that these websites either generate the users through a computer or simply up the user count to make the website appear popular. This website has a record of having over 90% of active profiles making it easier for people to actually talk and converse with the other users.

Verified profiles

The verification process is something that many of the dating websites often overlooks but meetwives surely does take it seriously. This specific step ensures that the website is free of people with ill intentions and even keeps the fake profiles at bay. This is one of the many reasons why people have taken interest to this website because it ensures a very secure and safe environment for people to connect with various kinds of people.

Subscription rates

The subscriptions for this website are rates in between $30-$120 depending on if the person is subscribing for a month, or for a year. These rates are much less in comparison to the other websites which is yet another factor why the number of users have gone up with each passing day.

Customer support

Last but not the least is the customer support of the website which is remarkable because they are not just a team of professionals, but they take every single complaint very seriously. All the problems regarding the website are tended to and tried to be solved as soon as possible for the best customer satisfaction.

Reviews of

Is Worth a Try or a Hard Pass?

With the growing demand of online dating websites, the numbers of scamming websites have increased as well. The reviews of do not disagree with the above sentence because the reasons behind why the website is a sheer waste of time and money are abundant. From fabricated profiles to automated messages, each and every review has surpassed the other and stands on explaining the incapability of the website furthermore. There are a lot of ways of deception instigated by the website authorities and investment of your money should definitely be a hard pass. The common features of the website include quick matches according to your characteristics and simply the varying quick search options.

The e-mails are the first step

E-mails are evidently seen in the inbox of a number of users after a subscription appears to be genuine.  Yet it is nothing by a phony representation of the broadcast e-mails that are forwarded by the employees of the company. The process of random e-mails is basically created by using a template. A template is simply a system that helps in forwarding e-mails to the users. These e-mails are simply pre-created or pre-designed and are not genuine. It has been seen that most of the time these e-mails redirect you to an upgrade page even when you try to reply to that e-mail.

Fabricated profiles

The next thing in line is the number of fabricated profiles in the website. Most of the profiles in the website are automated, virtually created profiles and contain information that is not legit. It is very hard to distinguish between which one is a real one and which is not because the way they are put together is very neat and precise. Another important reason to not invest is simply reading through the website, because they themselves have mentioned about the possibility of using fabricated and fake profiles in their website.

Automated messages

The website often tricks you into thinking that the services offered by the website are free but they definitely are not. You can scan through the profiles and check them out, but the moment you try to simply start a conversation with the person, it leads to an upgrade or subscription page. A user furthermore receives automated messages after they either subscribe or upgrade their subscription.